Behind jailed engineers

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Behind jailed engineers, a strained marriage, promise of faith

New Delhi, Bangalore, September 26 “By treating my patients, how am I serving Allah?” this was the statement that started the conversation four months ago between New Delhi doctor Madhumita Mishra and Bangalore-based IBM engineer Mohammed Yaseen. Today, Yaseen, 32, and his 31-year-old friend Intel engineer Shaji Yusuf are in jail, accused by the Delhi police of being at the centre of Mishra’s abduction drama — a charge that police claim could also be linked to “fundamentalist activity.”According to the complaint filed by Mishra’s husband, opthalmologist Subijay Sinha, Yaseen abducted Mishra — his aim was to allegedly extort money — after enticing her to a Bangalore madrasa via a social networking website. Interviews with madrasa officials in Bangalore and Mishra’s statement to a Tis Hazari magistrate, accessed by The Indian Express, point to a story of a strained marriage, a…

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